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Cooking Show

Are you passionate about food?

Can you cook?

You are not camera shy?

You can articulate well what you enjoy doing - cooking & food?

Do you have dishes you want to show to the world?

Wherever you are we would love to hear from you, about your dishes, even better if you have a short video to showcase what you do. Write to us.

Fashion Commentator

Msasa TV is looking for a fashion blogger/commentator/presenter.

If you well versed with the goings on in the fashion world, you have research and analytical skills in this area. If you can present the content in an organised and engaging manner. We can collaborate with you. Get in touch with us. 

Can you dance show

Msasa TV has introduced this show specifically for anyone, a family, or a group to show case their dance moves! The video show be in MP4 format and not more than 3 minutes in duration including your meta data. Show the world your dance moves! Get other viewers laughing! Please not inappropriate videos will not be screened. Videos are streamed on Saturday.

Inspire us

Calling independent film makers, cinematographers.We are willing to entertain any content concepts you have. It could be travel, documentary, business/global economy/bitcoin commentary, Talk Show or anything else. We value your creativity, talent and innovation and above all your zeal to succeed. Partner with us,we are global, let's get talking. Email us.

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