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                          Our Services

Ride Services

                     Food Delivery Services

                                                       Digital Currency​ Services

                   Media & Entertainment Services

KTNEX Network Services 

We offer KTNEX an App offering 4 Services

                   KTNEX App

KTNEX App for users offers 4 unique services.

- Ride services

- Food delivery straight to you

- Grocery delivery to your door

- Business logistics

- Low fares. Low commission. 

For more information visit: (global) or (Australia).


                KTNEX Drivers App

This app is for drivers and couriers.

If you have a car and want to earn extra money on your spare time, any time you wish, KTNEX may be what you need. 

KTNEX drivers offers high take home earnings for all drivers and couriers.

To get started download the KTNEX driver app.

Visit our web online website for more information: or in Australia:

              KTNEX App Features

For Users: Easy request. Prompt response. Affordable fares

In App safety features.

Attention to health safety.

View Driver location on real-time map.

In App interaction with Driver.

Low fares. Low commissions.

              Why Use KTNEX App?

Our fares are competitive.

We have no fare hikes.

High income for drivers and couriers.

Anyone over 18 years can join the KTNEX courier network.

Flexible working hours to fit with your lifestyle.

Blockchain Business

Embracing Digital Innovation.

Offering Cryptocurrency trading.

Zero commission for deposits.

Small fee for withdrawals.

Multiple payment gateways.


To start trading on our platform, visit

​MediaEntertainment Services



CMSTV is our flagship IPTV platform streaming service for Africa. We offer various entertainment that includes films, drama, documentary, Lifestyle, Cooking Shows, Talk Shows and many more. At CMSTV we say "the future is entertainment!".


CMSTV App is available for Android and iOS.

Download for FREE on Google Play,Apple App store, and LG smart TV App store. You can watch on Sony TV, Amazon Fire and Hisense smart TV. For more visit Website:

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

― Norman Vincent Peale

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